Can you win the tournament - and his heart?

When things in her life get to be too much to handle, Hana Mizuno transfers to Asagao Academy to start fresh. Once there, she runs into the Normal Boots Club - a group of handsome, competitive gamers, and the most popular guys in school. And they need her to compete in this year's gaming tournament!

Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club is a free fan-made otome game based on the guys of Normal Boots and Hidden Block. It is light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek, affectionately parodying visual novel, anime, and video game tropes, while also incorporating a serious story about a girl's journey through romance and friendship.


  • 7 Full Routes
  • 2 Hidden Side-Routes
  • 43 Different Endings
  • 32 CGs
  • 16 Original Songs
  • 340,000+ Words
  • A Completion Bonus
  • Partial Voice Acting, supplied by NormalBoots and Hidden Block themselves