Illus Seed: Moving Forward

Hello, everyone! Cara here.

It’s been a while since I last released information about what Illus Seed’s been up to, and it’s time to fill you all in.

Danny and I have chosen to part ways for the time being. We’re shelving the project we’ve been working on since Asagao. We may come back to it in the future, but have no plans regarding it as of now.

Illus Seed has always been my company, and I’ll continue to develop games under it both by myself and with others. Danny, meanwhile, will be focusing on her own project.

I want to thank everyone for the support you have shown Asagao over the years. It’s wonderful to know so many of you still love and cherish it even years after it came out.

While I know this will be disappointing to many, I’m extremely excited to be moving forward with some of my own original projects, and can’t wait to show some of what I’ve been up to in the coming months! In the meantime, I’ve worked on five other games over the past few years you can check out if you’re interested.

Wishing you all the best,

Asagao Academy Version 1.0b

New content was added in this version, along with a few tweaks as detailed below:

  • New CG added
  • New "bonus" added
  • Fixed a glitch that caused only one of Satch's Good Ending variants to unlock the scene
  • Scene and CG gallery tweaked for these new changes
  • Fixed confusion between "taiyaki" and "takoyaki"
  • Diary bugs re-fixed
  • Other typos fixed

We highly recommend this new version for all the Completionists out there. c:

Get the new version here!
Details on how to keep your save files can be found here.

Asagao Academy Version 0.9

Several changes and bug fixes were made in this new version, including:

  1. Fixed a bug that caused one scene in PBG's Ch. 2 to be ungettable
  2. Fixed a bug that skipped a portion of PBG's Competition scene
  3. Tweaked Shane's route so the Worst Ending should be easier to get
  4. Added PBJ Theme and Confrontation to the Music Room
  5. Fixed a glitch that caused Shane's diary to FREAK OUT at the end
  6. Included temporary glitch fixes for diaries not showing the proper route's entries when moving from one saved file to the next. Now, upon getting to the next scene, it should show the proper route's diary.
  7. Fixed glitch that occasionally had the diary entries be farther ahead than the route was if you moved from one save to another. Now, it should show the proper position upon switching to the next scene.
  8. The above two fixes should also fix the problem with the diary occasionally not opening, depending on whose route you were on (and whose you went down prior).
  9. Fixed a bug in the Hidden route during which occasionally Jeff's sprite would overlap Caddy's in a certain scene
  10. Fixed a number of typos, thanks to Eliza Solis for her help in catching a bunch!
  11. Tweaked a few transitions. Because I didn't like them.

Get the new version here!
Details on how to keep your save files can be found here.

Asagao Academy Version 0.5

Several big fixes were made this version, detailed below:

  1. Fixed a glitch that made it impossible to view Continue's Good or Bad ends (instead of just Best and Worst).
  2. Added Endings categories to Scene Picker, so now you know which endings you've seen! (Some endings will only appear as unlocked when you replay them the second time, due to how it was coded. Sorry for the inconvenience D:)
  3. Fixed a glitch that prevented certain scenes in Jirard's route from showing up as viewed on the scene picker.
  4. Fixed a similar glitch with PBG's last two scenes in CH 4
  5. Clarified some situations in Chapter One and altered later dialogue in terms of earlier events (so Hana does not know things she shouldn't).
  6. Altered PBG's endings for clarity (no spoilers!).
  7. Changed a leftover from Satch CH 3
  8. Changed a leftover from earlier version in PBG's CH 3
  9. Changed ChibiSammii's name in the credits to Samantha Chan (her current VA work name).
  10. Edited some SFX for better sound quality.
  11. Fixed various typos.

Get the new version here!
Details on how to keep your save files can be found here.

Pre-Release Jitters

So I'm sitting here, it's only an hour or two after we made the announcement that the game is coming out tomorrow, and I've got a serious case of the pre-game jitters.

This game is meaningful, deeply meaningful to both Danielle and I. Through Asagao we met. We became friends. I moved to Seattle, and befriended a huge number of amazing people. We hosted a successful Kickstarter. We learned to code. We overcame personal issues we were each facing. We learned so much.

Asagao is, at this time in my life, the project that I've worked on the longest, and did the most work for. We were working on this game for 2 years (and some change), every day waking up to see the familiar faces of Hana, Mai, and all their friends.

And now it's going to be over. (Once we get past the mini-updates we do for whatever bugs there are, of course!)

It's so weird. For a long time we were "so close to finishing," but every step forward we took it felt like another step appeared in the distance. An everlasting cookie that you can't ever finish. And then one day it was done, and we didn't have anything else to do.

Especially as the project took longer and we went over it, I found myself in a love hate relationship with it. We put off a lot of things to finish it on time, a lot of potential income went into it, and it is a clear example (to us) of how much we have grown in our crafts. (Read: Because some of those scenes/arts are not as good as we could make them now.)

But now that it's out and done, I am so thankful to have been chosen to work on it. So thankful that everybody supported us. So thankful for all of the friends we made and who believed in us and stuck with us. For every person who cheered us on even as we kept pushing back the release date.

I am so nervous now. I hope that it lives up to expectations, that people enjoy it. I hope people laugh and like it. I hope that I can look back on it with pride.

Thank you all so much, and I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

- Cara