Asagao Academy Version 0.5

Several big fixes were made this version, detailed below:

  1. Fixed a glitch that made it impossible to view Continue's Good or Bad ends (instead of just Best and Worst).
  2. Added Endings categories to Scene Picker, so now you know which endings you've seen! (Some endings will only appear as unlocked when you replay them the second time, due to how it was coded. Sorry for the inconvenience D:)
  3. Fixed a glitch that prevented certain scenes in Jirard's route from showing up as viewed on the scene picker.
  4. Fixed a similar glitch with PBG's last two scenes in CH 4
  5. Clarified some situations in Chapter One and altered later dialogue in terms of earlier events (so Hana does not know things she shouldn't).
  6. Altered PBG's endings for clarity (no spoilers!).
  7. Changed a leftover from Satch CH 3
  8. Changed a leftover from earlier version in PBG's CH 3
  9. Changed ChibiSammii's name in the credits to Samantha Chan (her current VA work name).
  10. Edited some SFX for better sound quality.
  11. Fixed various typos.

Get the new version here!
Details on how to keep your save files can be found here.