Asagao Academy Version 0.9

Several changes and bug fixes were made in this new version, including:

  1. Fixed a bug that caused one scene in PBG's Ch. 2 to be ungettable
  2. Fixed a bug that skipped a portion of PBG's Competition scene
  3. Tweaked Shane's route so the Worst Ending should be easier to get
  4. Added PBJ Theme and Confrontation to the Music Room
  5. Fixed a glitch that caused Shane's diary to FREAK OUT at the end
  6. Included temporary glitch fixes for diaries not showing the proper route's entries when moving from one saved file to the next. Now, upon getting to the next scene, it should show the proper route's diary.
  7. Fixed glitch that occasionally had the diary entries be farther ahead than the route was if you moved from one save to another. Now, it should show the proper position upon switching to the next scene.
  8. The above two fixes should also fix the problem with the diary occasionally not opening, depending on whose route you were on (and whose you went down prior).
  9. Fixed a bug in the Hidden route during which occasionally Jeff's sprite would overlap Caddy's in a certain scene
  10. Fixed a number of typos, thanks to Eliza Solis for her help in catching a bunch!
  11. Tweaked a few transitions. Because I didn't like them.

Get the new version here!
Details on how to keep your save files can be found here.